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New York Top Five Restaurants

Le Bernardin

Indulge your senses at this staple of New York City dining. Sautéed calamari filled with sweet prawns and shiitake mushroom; bread crusted red snapper with marinated heirloom tomatoes and basil scented tomato consomme; crispy black bass with braised celery and parsnip custard in a iberco ham-green peppercorn sauce – these are just a few of the highlights from Le Bernardin's exemplary menu.
Price: $$$$$    On the web: www.le-bernardin.com
Chicago Top Five Restaurants

Lou Malnati's Pizzeria

Whether you're from Chicago or just visiting, you owe it to yourself to savor the exquisite culinary delight that is Chicago-style deep dish pizza.  To do so, there's no better place than Lou Malnati's with their buttery crust and delectable sauce.  Our personal favorite:  "The Lou," featuring fresh spinach, mushrooms and sliced tomatoes covered with a blend of mozzarella, romano and cheddar cheese.
Price: $$   On the web: www.loumalnatis.com
Los Angeles Top Five Restaurants


For the best sushi Los Angeles has to offer, Urasawa holds rank as the singular must visit Japanese establishment in LA.  Priced at $250 per person, it's certainly not the most economical choice, but make no mistake:  Urasawa is the best of the best.  On a recent visit, cooked sea urchin, sake-steamed beef, anago tempura and snapper sashimi were just a few of the delicacies offered.
Price: $$$$$   On the web: N/A  (310) 247-8939
New York Top Five Restaurants
Romeo's Cafe

Romeo's Cafe

For an unforgettable dining experience in Miami, Romeo's Café is highly recommended.  With space for 28 guests and no set menu, guests are asked about their individual food preferences, tastes and dietary restrictions, after which six gourmet dishes are prepared based on the aforementioned criteria.
Price: $$$   On the web: www.romeoscafe.com


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